Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Arakan Students and Youth Congress(AASYC)

After military coup in 1988 in Burma, the Arakanese students who fled to Bangladesh formed All Arakan Students’ Union (AASU) on November 1988 in Wakhet-Choung camp along Bangladesh-Burma border. When ABSDF was formed in Thailand, the Arakanese students stood as ABSDF (Arakan) to foster unity among the student groups of Burma to overthrow the military dictatorship (common enemy). We set up ABSDF (Arakan-901 regiment) both in Thailand and Bangladesh. ABSDF (Arakan) encamped at the eagle camp (Wakhet-Choung Area) along Bangladesh-Burma border.
In 1992,Arakan army led by Khaing Raza landed Bangladesh through Arakan. Border tension erupted nearly to burst between Bangladesh and Burma security forces due to landing of Arakan army. This caused great influx of Bengali Rohinga Muslims refugees into Bangladesh. Some students of ABSDF (Arakan) were arrested. Some fled into India for their security. In 1994, former ABSDF (Arakan) students and the students living in India first setup Arakanese Students’ Congress (ASC) in Delhi, India to fight the military regime by non-violence means according to the needs and demands of the political situation in India. One Arakanese student and youth conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand in October 1995 attended by students and youth representatives from Bangladesh, India and Thailand by the unanimous decisions and revolution of the represents, both ASC, ABSDF (Arakan) was abolished and setup All Arakanese Students and Youth Congress (AASYC) on October 6, 1995.

• To struggle for democracy and human rights
• To eliminate any form of colonialism and dictatorship
• To liberate the whole oppressed ethnic nationalities
• To construct the national unity of Arakan
• To achieve the lost sovereignty of Arakan
Presently, AASYC is the member organization of SYCB (Students and Youth Congress of Burma), UNDC (United Nationalities Democratic Congress), and CNAB (Committee for Nonviolent Actions in Burma). AASYC is one of the signatory organization of Maetharawtha Aggreement, which is most radical signed by the prominent revolutionary ethnic organizations including the cease-fired organizations. AASYC practice non violence policy to thwart the Burmese military regime in alliance with the democratic organizations for a common purpose.

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