Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO)

Pa-O Youth Organization’s Background
The Pa-O youth organization was formed by Phraton TetLu on the 4th of December, 1998. It began as the Pa-O Youth Democratic Organization. After evaluating the first year’s activities, monks, former Pa-O youths representatives and Pa-O youths from different liberated areas decided to extend and reform the Pa-O Youth Democratic Organization and it became the Pa-O Youth Organization instead on December 18, 1999. Central Executive Committee members were successfully elected on the 21st of January 2000.

To empower Pa-O youth, to build greater unity among the Pa-O people as well as
other difference ethnic Group.

Aims and objectives
1. To promote Pa-0 literature and culture.
2. To improve the lives of the Pa-0 people.
3. To educate the Pa-O people regarding democracy, human rights and the environment.
4. To promote greater unity among the Pa-O people.
5. To promote the quality and creatable thinking of Pa-O youth.
6. To join hands with other democratic movements striving for common aims.
7. To build greater unity among the different ethnic nationalities groups.
8. To build up a federal union in Burma with equality for all and full rights of self-determination.
In order to implement and achieve the aims and objectives of the activities, we have broken down our activities into six categories. Those are:
1. Organizing
2. Health
3. Pa-O literature and culture
4. News and Information
5. Human Rights and Environment

1. Organizing
Trips will be organized to areas populated primarily by Pa-O people. Organizing discussion groups with Pa-O youths living in liberated areas so that the youth can expand their knowledge and ideas as well as build important friendships.
Establishing youth branches where there are Pa-O majorities.
2. Health
Assisting Pa-O people with their health problems when possible. Assisting those who are interested with attending health and medical trainings. In the midst of trying to organize a health and medical training.
3. literature and culture.
Opening Pa-O language School so that Pa-O nationals can be educated in their mother tongue. Celebrating Pa-O traditional culture by putting on special Pa-O events. Preserving Pa-O literature and cultural heritage.
4. News and information
Publishing pamphlets and magazines.
Collecting Pa-O news or information.
Likewise, collecting the news about other ethnicities in Burma.
Publishing the most appropriate news that is received.
5. Human Rights and Environment
Educate Pa-O people about human rights and environment by giving training.

Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO)
P.O Box 134, Mae Sot, Tak, 63110, Thailand. Email:, Phone: 055 533 115

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