Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mon Youth Progressive Organization(MYPO)

The Mon Youth Progressive Organization was formed in June 1999 based in three areas: Thanphuzayat, Mudon and Hladakot townships. The MYPO has extended its activities to Ye and Kyaik Maraw townships. Before the New Mon State Party reached a cease-fire agreement with the SYCP, many current members of the MYPO worked with the NMSP’s Party Affairs Department ad a clandestine network. We took responsibility to share information about the NMSP’s activities and obtain supplies for the party. After the NMSP reached cease-fire with the SPDC, we changed our tactics and strategy. We tries to make our organization as independent organization. We opened our main office in Hladakok Township in an NMSP-controlled area in January 2000. The MYPO members are students, teachers and youth in different areas. We have approximately 130 members including 20 members along the Thai-Burma border.
The MYPO mostly focuses on it activities inside Mon State both under the NMSP and regime-controlled areas. Although it is sometimes difficulties to work inside, the MYPO manages to carry out its activities in various ways. The MYPO joined the Student Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB) in August 2001 in order to co-operate with other ethnic youth organization to build understanding for the national reconciliation of future Burma. After we joined the SYCB, we opened a branch office in Sangkhlaburi to work with the SYCB and other ethnic organizations easily. We also intend to use this office for holding training and other workshops.
The main objectives of the MYPO are as follows:
• To build a civil society
• To support democracy and federal movement
• To preserve and flourish literacy and culture
• To support the national freedom struggle
• To build unity among different youth
• To eliminate the dictatorship

Contact address: P.O. Box 26, Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi 71240, ThailandTel: 034- 595614, Fax: 034-595336, E-mail:,,

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