Thursday, April 1, 2010

National League for Democracy — Liberated Areas (Youth) NLD-LA (Y)

The National League for Democracy, was founded by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders on 27, September 1988 after peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations nationwide. The National League for Democracy (Youth) was formed on 18 November 1988 under the leadership of U Tin Oo and Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi, with 19 NLD’s youth members. And then all the members of NLD’s youth participated in the politic and organizational work of the NLD throughout the whole Country.
In the May 1990 general elections, the NLD won 82% of the seats contested, but the military junta did not transfer power and imprisoned several NLD members. So some of the veteran NLD leaders, elected MPs and youth leaders left and founded the NLD (LA)at Manerplaw on 14 February 1991. Today they are continuing to try to bring about the restoration of democracy and Human Rights in Burma. NLD-LA (Youth) was stablished on 7 July 1996. The Central Youth Working Group (Temporary) of NLD-LA Youth) was reformed on 16 December, 1996 in a joint meeting (3/96) of the Central Executive Committee and Central Youth Working Group of NLD-LA (Youth) held at its Headquarters.

• To cultivate a new generation of experienced and qualified leaders in new generation.
• To implement effectively the activities of NLD/LA in accordance with its basic principles.

• We firmly follow the leadership of NLD/LA which is functioning in its all activities in accordance with the basic principles of the National League for Democracy.

• To train all the members of NLD/LA’s youth for their physical, educational, social, moral and welfare development.
• To work together with all Students and Youth Unions, Pro-democratic groups and ethnic groups.
• To assist and work for world-peace by establishing good and warm relations with international youth groups and Student Organizations.
• To respect and secure the rights of all Human beings according to the Universal Declaration Promulgates Human Rights by the United Nations.
• To carry out the duties and responsibilities as detects activists in implementing the basic principles of the NLD/LA.


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