Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Kachin Students and Youth Union

Brief History
After the military took over the power a bloody coup in 1988, the Kachin students and youth bad to flee to the borderlands. To be under one banner, we organized all Kachin students in exile and formed OKSO (Overseas Kachin Students Organization) in 1995, which was transformed as AKSYU (All Kachin Students and Youth Union in order to be more powerful with the participation of all the students who are inside and outside the country. AKSYU joined he SYCB in 1996.
In 1998, All Kachin Student and Youth Union Thailand branch was established in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Thai based Kachin Youth and Students. By the resolution of Executive Committee, we, officially extended to European Union Chapter of All Kachin Student and Youth Union on February 20, 2002. Recently in the September of 2002, AKSYU China branch was formed in the China border town of Laiza with member of its member from inside Kachin State. All Kachin Students and Youth Union (AKSYU) is currently a member organization of Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB), United Nationalities Youth League(UNYL), United Nationalities’ Democratic Congress (UNDC).

Aims and Objectives

Political Objectives
• To restore genuine Federal Democracy and Self-determination of the Kachin
Nation as well as Human Rights.
• To cooperate with all other Democratic forces which have common objectives and
program to establish a Federal Democracy in Burma.
• To cooperate with other International Students, Youth organization as well as
Educational Objectives
• Every children from remote Areas should have chance to learn.
• Every one should be able to read and write the Kachin Literature.
• To promote the leadership skills of the Youth.
• To provide education grants to Kachin Students to complete their graduate and
under graduate course.
• To assist and support the following areas; Education, Health, Economy, Culture,
Religious, and Agriculture as well as to protect the environment and natural
Social Objectives
• To save the lives of drug addicted Kachin youngster.
• To carry out prevention of HIV/ AIDS with our capabilities
• To help and solve problem socially as well as spiritually

Contact Address:
A5/A-40, Janta Quarter, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058, India. Tel: (91) (11) 2557-3840

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