Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zomi Student and Youth Organization (Eastern)

1. Zomi Student and Youth Organization held the first Seminar in the border of Thai - Burma liberated area in 26 - 30. 8 . 2008. From the Seminar was made decision of Objectives and Processes under following which are:

1. Eliminate Despotism;
2. Build Federalism;
3. The rights of Self-determination;
4. Uphold political, Democracy and Human Rights awareness of knowledge amongst Zomi Student and Youth;
5. Build and Uphold in effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge, phisically, mentally, education and fellowship amongst Zomi student and Youth solidarity ;

1. Co-operate in collaborating with Student and Youth Congress, Democratic
Alliances, Ethnic Alliances and Independent organizations;
2. Implemente in uplifting continuous youth leaders and academy;
3. Proclaim and Promote Zomi literature and culture, customary;
4. Implement Political, Democratic and Human Rights awareness of knowledge training and founding networking, propaganda;
5. Free flow of information and independent of media;
6. Co-operate to the International Zomi nationality;

2. Zomi Student and Youth Organization of the Seminar has made unianimous decision in harmony on the non - recognition of and grand tactics and multi - lateral opposition of SPDC electoral processes in the year of 2010.

3. Zomi Student and Youth Organization of the Seminar has made majority agreement of constitution amendement under the following elected Executive Committee which are:
Executive Committee
Secretary General - (1) Shin Mung
Secretary General - (2).George
Secretary General - (3)..Bony

1. Alliance Affair
2. Inland Affair
3. Project Affair
4. Educational Affair
5. Woman Affair
6. Informational Affair
7. Social Affair

Executive Committee
Zomi Student and Youth Organization (Eastern)
Contact:0800271820 (Shin Mung),0862115098 (Bony )


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