Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kayan New Generation Youth (KNGY)

(1) Kayan is one of the ethnic groups who have been living in Burma since immemorial time.
(2) Nowadays, Kayan people are living in Phekhong and Paungloung in south Shan State and in Phyinmanar in Mandalay Division. They are also in the north of Thandaung in Karen State and in the south of Karenni region.
(3) Kayan have been raising hands against the Military junta ever since 1986, Kayan New Land Party was set up. In the 10th of December 1988, Kayan National Solidarity and Democracy league was established and two candidates from Thandaung No.1 and Phekkong township were chosen as people parliamentary members.
(4) Geographically, Kayan is in the region full of mountain and that is the transportation is in the state of devastation. Furthermore, civil wars are often engaged. In this state of circumstance, education, healthcare, trading, etc. are in a poor way.
(5) Because of the junta's oppression, ill-treat unfairness, exploitation and humanitarian crisis, Kayan younger generation are fumbling through hardship in its neighbouring country and setting up its youth organization for all younger generation

(1) To bring multi-party democracy into existence in Burma.
(2) To bring Self-determination and Federation Union into existence.
(3) To bring Self-administration into existence to the people.
(4) To create consolidation.
(5) To reunite the Kayan people to form unity.
(6) To cherish Kayan literature and customs.
(7) To promote the standard of education, healthcare and welfare for all the people.
(8) To educate the people to understand Human Right and Environment Right in democratic way.

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