Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF)

The political goal of the ABSDF is to become a dynamic youth force in the democracy movement. We envisage ABSDF participating effectively and efficiently in the reconstruction process in future Burma. The ABSDF will be open for its members to choose their future participation whether it will be in political parties, institutions or the army.

1. Skill sharing and training for ABSDF members
2. Mass education and mobilization
3. Primary health care for local people
4. Formal and non-formal education
5. Foreign affairs
6. Alliance affairs and networking
7. Documenting and disseminating information
8. National reconciliation within grassroots
9. Formation of the Federal Army

1. Skill sharing and training for ABSDF members: ABSDF members need to be wellrounded people to fulfill the needs in the reconstruction processes in future Burma. Furthermore, during the struggle, a deepening of knowledge is needed to enable members to participate in community mass education. These programs include democracy and human rights issues, federalism, governance, media advocacy, women’s rights, public relations and public administration.

2. Mass education and mobilization: ABSDF has been attempting to educate and mobilize grassroots people on the border as well as inside Burma. We will continue doing so in various areas, as grassroots participation in the struggle is the main driving force to overthrow the military junta.

3. Primary health care for local people: ABSDF will continue conducting primary health care programs for local people. In most of the areas where the ABSDF camps are based, which are under control of ethnic revolutionary forces, successive governments have ignored villagers’ basic rights to health, education and social welfare.

4. Formal and non-formal education: ABSDF will continue to carry out formal education programs. These will focus on the children of local people and IDP’s who would otherwise have no access to education. To fulfill gaps in many children’s education, ABSDF has established primary and secondary schools in its camps and in front line areas. Informally, ABSDF frequently conducts adult education programs such as basic and intermediate English classes, basic and advanced computer training, and accountancy. These are for ABSDF members and other organizations.

5. Foreign affairs: ABSDF focuses on foreign affairs as a crucial area for the movement. Foreign Affairs is important to raise awareness of Burma’s political problems within the international community and to promote cooperation among the various Burmese and international organizations. It also helps secure financial, political and material assistance for the ABSDF and other organizations working for peace and democracy in Burma.

6. Alliance affairs and networking: ABSDF will continue to work at building and strengthening alliance networks with various armed and unarmed groups as well as grassroots organizations working for peace and democracy. We believe strong alliances and networks are essential for us to be able to work together cooperatively in solidarity for our common cause.

7. Documenting and disseminating information: ABSDF will continue documenting and disseminating information on the real situation in Burma to the international community. We believe the international community must be well informed to really assist the movement.

8. National reconciliation within grassroots: ABSDF will continue to participate in the national reconciliation processes by working together with grassroots. We believe mutual understanding of grassroots within various ethnic groups is crucial for us to achieve national reconciliation.

9. Formation of the Federal Army: ABSDF will continue to work closely with various ethnic armed forces under the Democratic Alliance of Burma. We considers it very important for alliance groups to have knowledge about the role of the army in future
democratic Federal Union of Burma, as well as to explore possible ways to form a
Federal Army.


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