Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kuki Students Democratic Fornt(KSDF)

Brief History
From time immemorial, the Kuki were inhabitants of their own fore-fatherland which along the sides of the Chindwin River (Twilen) of present Burma and the hill areas or present Manipur State, India. The Kuki are a peace and freedom-loving people. They rose up in the rebellion can be judged from the fact that if affected all the Kuki inhabited areas. Due to their superior arms, the British were able to subjugate the Kuki after a long drown-out struggle of three years (in 1917-1919). So many Kukis of the war leaders were arrested to Taungyi jail and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Henceforth, the Kukis lived under the sovereignty of the British Colonial rule. The Kuki inhabited areas were also divided into two parts; the eastern region became under the rule of Burma and the western under the rule of Assam State of India, according to the “divide and rule policy” of the British. When the British government offered independence to their colonies, after the WWII, the Kuki leaders signed freedom from the British government and agreed to with together with the Burmese under the leadership of General Aung San who is he father of Burma’s independence.
Unfortunately, when Burma gained independence, the Kuki were neglected and all their contributions were forgotten. “Divide and rule policy” was followed among the Kuki people. Both the parliamentary democracy government and BSPP (Burma Socialist Programme Party) period, the Burmans of upper Burma and lover Burma were settled in the Kuki areas to swallow their cultural and religious of Kuki peoples. There was a coup-de-tat in 1988 by the military junta, whereby the hardship of the Kuki multiplied, following a policy of Burmanization, the government populated the land which had been hither to belonged to the Kuki for generations, with Burmese immigrants, threatening to swallow their religion, culture and nation. One of the worst affected following he establishment of military rule were subjected to secant torture, flogging and rampant violation of the Kuki basic human rights. The innocent Kuki masses thus suffered intolerable harassment under the military junta. In human fate mated out to force pro-democracy of Kuki youth and many Kukis to take refuge inside Indian and where they began to setup to fight against the military junta and to restore democracy in Burma among the oversea Kuki students and youth. Thus, the KSDF(B) The Kuki Students’ Democratic Front (Burma) was born on 12th December 1993.

Aims and Objectives
• To fight against the military junta to the end; and to establish a genuine federal
democracy in Burma
• To create Kuki State in the habited land areas of Kuki forefathers so that the Kuki
people will be able to get national security for socio-economic, culture, religion
and national rights.
• To establish national solidarity among the Kuki people
• To get peace and development of Kuki people to the whole country in future

Contact addresses:
• Delhi Branch: WZ-87(A), Bodella Market, Vikaspuri, New Delhi 110018, India
Telephone:011-25572572 E-mail:,
• Moreh Branch: Ward No. 3, Dalpati Road, Near Morning Bazaar, Moreh, Manipur
795131, India Telephone:03873-261667
• Korea branch: Mr. Chuchung Kuki, 872-10 ShiHung Bon Dong, Kum Chun Gu,
Seoul, South Korea E-mail:

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