Thursday, April 1, 2010

Karen Youths Organization(KYO)

Organization Background
The Karen Youth Organization (KYO) was formed in 1989 to respond to the real needsof the young Karen people in Karen community. For many years, the KYO has performed valuable work on behalf of the Karen community, helping young Karen to develop their potential to work in and on behalf of the Karen community. In March 2001, the organization was revived, new leaders elected and membership renewed. Its leadership is younger and includes more young Karen women. Its role in the community has become more important for the younger generation. It is structured to maximize youth’s participation in and ownership of our entire programs. The KYO currently has committees at four levels, they are Central, District, Township and Village. We provide training in education and formation of youth, leadership & management, social protection, community development, community organization, political education and other relevant programs within the Karen community to ensure that local needs are met by local solutions. Our main goal is to empower and equip youths with skills which will enable them to respond to the ever-changing needs of the community.

B Vision of KYO
Empowering and equipping youth through democratic leadership & socioeconomic development for a better world for establishing a place of justice and peace.

C Mission of KYO
Formation and Education of young people, to play a vital role for a just and peaceful society.

D Aims and Objectives of KYO
We intend to empower young people to actively share current and future livelihoods in order to achieve the target of development. E.g. Environmentally sustainable, politically and economically accessible, socially just.

The following are our aims & objectives:
1. To raise the living standard of the youths by improving their physical and mental power through education and special know-how & skills.
2. To educate the youths about their responsibilities.
3. To maintain, upgrade, and encourage participation in the various cultural activities of the ethnic nationalities within Burma, while promoting fellowship and cross-cultural exchange.
4. To support the achievement of unity among the different ethnic nationalities, which are presently being oppressed.
5. To help today’s youth in becoming Democratic National Leaders.
6. To help establish democracy throughout the country while promoting the concepts of a Federal Union.Community Organization and supporting community development are the most important work that KYO carries out.

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